jenna keenan-alspector





Strategic, creative, in-depth problem solver of taxation and internal controls.

I am a Certified Public Accountant and Master of Taxation, with a complementary Master in Science, concentration of Technology, Media, and Society.

The combination of experience as a CPA in tax and internal controls, Master level education of how to use technology to improve the human experience, and focus on continuous improvement enables me to identify high risk areas, how to plan around them, research and strategize areas of opportunity, and manage those projects. I find my passion helping companies identify risk and build strategies to ensure comfort in exposure and increased growth. 




Boulder, Colorado






income tax

  • ASC 740 (Provisions)
  • Research & Development Tax Credit
  • Transfer Pricing

internal audit

  • Develop Internal Controls
  • Risk Management
  • Process and Operations Management

    Continuous improvement

    • "Lean" Leader Certified
    • "Lean" Practioner Certified
    • Continuous Improvement Project Leader

    statE and local tax

    • Nexus Evaluations
    • Research SALT rules and regulations
    • Manage Compliance in 40 states

    international taxation

    • Transactional Tax (VAT, GST, etc.)
    • Implement New International Business Models
    • Manage Multi-Country Tax Return Compliance 


    Papers available upon request

    Cognitive Science

    • Growth Mindset: A Problem Solver's Key to Success
    • Beware of or Embrace the Automatic, Fast and Frugal System


    • Auction Renewal Terms: Build-Out Requirements
    • What's Free about Free Basics? (Facebook)

    Development Studies & Humanitarian Aid

    • Ripens Futures: Proposal for Community Garden & Homeless Citizens
    • Lighting Africa